A1 E-scooter



With childseat

Can use on pavements



Seller’s Say

This A1 E-scooter offers the best mode of transportation for your daily commute around your neighbourhood.  Fetching your kids to and fro school or tuition centres will become a joy ride rather than a chore.

With comfortable cushion seats, you gain more stability and comfort while riding. The A1 E-scooter can easily take up to 100kg of load.

Buy now and say goodbye to sweaty bicycle trips!


*Maximum Speed <25km/h

*Weight 19kg

*Width 56cm

36V  lithium battery

250W motor

Foldable aluminium frame

Disc brake (Front and Rear)

12″ wheels

25-30km range per charge

3-4hours charging time

Max load 120kg

6 months local warranty for battery only

*Compliant to LTA’s requirement for PMD

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