Reasons to use electric bicycles in Singapore

Pull Factors

  • Convenient mode of commuting for short and mid distances
  • Enjoy the outdoor environment during your commute and not have to break a sweat
  • Full control of your travelling time
  • Ride with electric power assist to work for convenience, ride home manually for exercise
  • Negligible fuel cost, just $2-3 a month of electricity consumption
  • Super comfortable and effortless riding, even when riding upslope
  • You look stylish, tech-savy and cool riding an electric bicycle

Push Factors

  • The great weather and clean environment in Singapore
  • Sophisticated road and cycling path network, connecting you to every part of Singapore
  • Convenient and secure bicycle parking facilities in all MRT stations and most buildings
  • Safe and considerate road usage behaviours
  • Often and irregular breakdowns of MRT
  • Increasing public transport fare
  • Sky high cost of owning a car in Singapore
  • Government supports and encourages cycling