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Using Electric Bicycles In Singapore

Using Electric Bicycles In Singapore

Electric bicycle (eBike) is a very useful tool but before using one, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations before purchasing one. You would not like to be checked by an LTA Officer and/or a Traffic Police Officer for using an unapproved eBike or violating traffic rules set for eBikes.

We provide you with rules and regulations for usage of eBikes in Singapore:

Click on the link to check out this brochure from Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

If your eBike has a blue colour tag instead of orange, your eBike was approved prior to Feb 2016.  It is absolutely alright to continue using it so long as you have not made any illegal modification and/or changes in electrical capabilities to it.

Both blue tag and orange tag electric bicycles are approved and allowed to be used ONLY on road and shared bicycle-and-foot paths. Main difference for a blue tag eBike and an orange tag eBike is that orange tag eBike is weighed at lighter than 20kg.

LTA tags

Do also check out these rules relative to where you should use your electric bicycles and other personal mobility devices.

where to use electric bicycle

For more detailed and updated information, you may visit

Alternatively, you may call our hotline at 6443 3723 for more information or visit our home page to view our selection of LTA approved eBikes.